• Thoroughly clean all surfaces, including countertops, cabinets, and appliances, to ensure they are free from dust, grime, and grease.
  • Remove any stains or marks from walls, floors, and carpets, using appropriate cleaning products and techniques.
  • Deep clean the bathrooms, including scrubbing toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs, and ensuring that all fixtures shine.
  • Clean windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces both inside and out to remove smudges and fingerprints.
  • Dust and wipe down all light fixtures, ceiling fans, and vents to eliminate any built-up dirt and debris.
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum all floors, paying attention to corners and baseboards, to leave the entire space looking fresh and tidy.
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Trustworthy End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

Moving out can be a stressful time. When you already have so much to worry about at this time, why add cleaning to the list? With our end of lease cleaning Melbourne services, you can now leave your cleaning worries behind. Rest assured that your apartment will be spotlessly clean by the time we are done with it. Our team of dedicated and skilled professionals here at True End of Lease Cleaning is the best in Melbourne. Our services are designed to suit all your specific needs and requirements, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing while we do our job.

With economical prices and top itch service, we are the top pick for Melbourne residents. Our team of certified and licensed cleaners will make sure all your requirements are catered to and you are satisfied with our services. Reach out to us today for a squeaky clean apartment.

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    Move Out in Peace With Our Services

    If you are looking for a trustworthy end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne, look no further! At True End of Lease Cleaning, we understand the importance of leaving your rental property in good condition to secure your bond refund. Our professional end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring a stress-free experience for you as well as your landlord.

    If you are wondering why you should trust us, let us give you a few compelling reasons. First, our team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals who use eco-friendly cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver exceptional results at all times. We always make it a point to pay attention to every detail, from scrubbing floors to sanitising surfaces, leaving no corner untouched.

    Move Out in Peace With Our Services

    We understand that moving out can be a hectic time, which is why we strive to make the process as smooth as possible for you. Our flexible scheduling options also allow you to book your cleaning service at a time that suits you best. Whether you need a thorough clean before handing over the keys or a quick touch-up, we've got you covered. Apart from this, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We take pride in our reputation for reliability, efficiency, and transparency. With our transparent

    pricing and no hidden fees, you can trust that you're getting the best value for your money.

    Don't risk losing your bond over a poorly cleaned property. Our experts are the best pick for your end of lease cleaning Melbourne needs.

    Contact us today to schedule your cleaning service and experience the difference for yourself!

    Our Wide Range of Services

    At True End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne, we provide a wide range of services to help you keep all your cleaning worries at bay. With our additional services, you can now be assured that all your cleaning needs can be taken care of by skilled experts. Here’s a list of our additional services:

    • Carpet Cleaning - Our carpet steam cleaning services are the best in Melbourne. We can help you remove dirt, grime, stubborn stains and even lingering odours from your precious carpets, all at affordable rates.
    • Spot Cleaning for Walls - Clean walls are a necessity for every home. Our wall spot cleaning services can help you get rid of stains, marks and help maintain a clean space that consists of flawless walls.
    • Refrigerator Cleaning-A refrigerator must always be clean. Our fridge and freezer cleaning services are here to help you maintain a squeaky clean refrigerator.
    • Balcony and Garage Cleaning-We make sure to clean your balcony and garage carefully, removing all the dirt and debris from the surface and ensuring a deep cleanse.
    • Window Cleaning-Windows are an essential part of every living space. Our window cleaning services will make sure your windows are spotless and shiny by the time we are done.

    Other Services - Apart from this, we also provide a range of other services to help you cover every need:

    A Squeaky Clean Apartment Awaits You With Our End of Lease Cleaning

    We want moving out to be an easy time for you. In order to help you deal with this hectic and stressful task, our bond cleaning services are here to your rescue. With a team of adept cleaners who are always on standby to help you achieve that perfect finish, we assure you that you won’t be dissatisfied with our services. At True End of Lease Cleaning, we understand the significance of leaving behind a spotless environment when it comes to end-of-lease arrangements. Our comprehensive cleaning services are meticulously crafted to ensure that your apartment is not just clean, but immaculate when you leave it.

    Why stress over the hassle of cleaning every nook and cranny yourself when you can rely on our team of seasoned professionals? From sanitising surfaces to eliminating any signs of pest infestation, we've got you covered. Our team utilises industry-leading techniques and eco-friendly products to guarantee a thorough clean that meets the highest standards. With our services, you can bid farewell to worries about forfeited security deposits. We take pride in our ability to deliver results that exceed expectations, leaving both you and your landlord delighted. Plus, our customer-centric approach means that we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a personalised experience every time.

    So, why delay? Let us transform your apartment into a pristine haven that will leave a lasting impression.

    A Squeaky Clean Apartment

    A Team of Expert End of Lease Cleaners

    A Team of Expert End of Lease Cleaner

    Our team of End of Lease cleaners is certified, licensed and expert, making sure that every corner of your apartment is spotless by the time we leave it. We recognize that every property is unique, which is why we offer personalised cleaning solutions to suit your specific needs. Whether you require a comprehensive deep clean or targeted attention to certain areas, we've got you covered. Our flexible scheduling makes it convenient for you to book a service that fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

    Our team of expert cleaners is the topmost pick for residents of Melbourne, simply because they are the best at what they do. In today’s busy lifestyle, we know how difficult it is to manage everything on your own. This is why we are always available for you around the clock to help you move out in peace. When it comes to end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, don't settle for anything less than the best. Trust the experts at True End of Lease Cleaning to deliver exceptional results that will leave both you and your landlord impressed. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning appointment and experience the difference firsthand. Say goodbye to the hassle of move-out cleaning and hello to a fresh start in your new home.

    Reliable End of Lease Cleaning With True End of Lease Cleaning

    What sets us apart in the cleaning industry is our commitment to reliability. We arrive promptly at the scheduled time and complete the job efficiently without compromising on quality. Our goal is to make the end of lease cleaning process as smooth as possible for our clients, allowing them to focus on their move with peace of mind.

    Our team of seasoned professionals will help you clean every corner with ease and perfection. We keep in mind to always use the latest technology along with eco-friendly methods to ensure a spotless finish that is safe for all. You can rely on us to always help you leave your apartment in a pristine condition. Our customer support team is always on standby to help you make an easy booking and to cater to all your needs. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the cleaning itself. We understand that moving can be a hectic time, which is why we strive to make the process as easy as possible for our clients.

    From flexible scheduling options to transparent pricing and friendly customer support, we are here to alleviate your stress and provide peace of mind during this transitional period. Not just this, we also make use of eco-friendly cleaning products and practices wherever possible, minimising our environmental footprint and creating a safer, healthier living environment for you and your loved ones. Our dedication to sustainability underscores our commitment to not only meeting but exceeding industry standards for excellence.

    Reliable End of Lease Cleaning

    Our Checklist for End of Lease Cleaning

    At True End of Lease Cleaning, we follow a comprehensive checklist to ensure that the cleaning process has been carried out properly. We understand the importance of leaving your rental spotless for the next occupant while securing your deposit return. We know that end of lease cleaning requires caution and precision. Here’s our checklist:

    For Living Areas or Bedrooms End Of Lease (Unfurnished)
    Vacuum and mop floors thoroughly, including skirting boards
    Cleaning of cabinets and wardrobes that are built in
    Cleaning of windows internally and externally
    Cleaning doors, doorknobs and doorframes and switchboards
    Removing cobwebs
    Dusting of blinds and drapes
    Dusting railings and light fittings
    For Kitchen End Of Lease (Unfurnished)
    Cleaning cupboards and cabinets and polishing all surfaces and platforms
    Thorough cleaning of the oven
    Cleaning the stove, rangehood, and splashback
    Vacuuming and cleaning the floor properly
    For Bathrooms and Toilets End Of Lease (Unfurnished)
    Cleaning cupboards and cabinets as well as mirrors
    Cleaning the toilets, washbasin and polishing all surfaces for a flawless finish
    Cleaning exhaust fans and vents
    Cleaning tiles, shower head, shower area

    Prices for End of Lease Cleaning

    The overall cost for end of lease cleaning services depends upon a variety of factors such as how big the property is, what the requirement is, the condition of the space, etc. It’s always a good idea to get a specific quote for your needs in order to understand the pricing better. However, here’s a list of our pricing to give you an estimate:

    Items UncarpetedCarpeted
    1 Room $99 $140
    2 Room $130 $150
    3 Room $140 $160
    4 Room $150 $170
    Studio Flat $200 $250
    5 Room and above $45-50 / Seat

    Pricing Terms and Conditions:

    *Our rates are subject to a minimum job value requirement ranging from $120 to $160, depending on your location.

    **Specialized stain removal or cleaning bodily fluids may result in an additional charge, subject to inspection and condition.

    ***Our New End of Lease Service is highly effective for areas of contamination up to the size of a dinner plate. However, if the contaminated area exceeds this size, it may be too significant for us to effectively decontaminate. In such cases, replacing the Carpet might be the best course of action.
    Unfortunately, certain stains of this size might have penetrated too deeply into the End of Lease for our cleaning solution to be fully effective. For your health and well-being, we strongly recommend considering End of Lease replacement in these instances.

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    Anchor Pest Control Gisborne is the go-to solution to all your pest problems. Our expert team of licensed controllers are trained to handle everything from bed bugs to rodents, leaving you in peace with a clean and pest home. You will no longer have to worry about the troublesome insects hanging around or cockroaches running around once we have taken care of them. At Anchor Pest Control Gisborne, we value transparency and affordability above all else. That is why we offer competitive pricing that will not leave you guessing how much you pay for pest control Gisborne services. Reach out to us today and receive a complimentary quote - once booked in, our team will quickly arrive at your doorstep ready to tackle any infestation concerns you may have!

    Why Choose True End of Lease Cleaning

    When you choose us, you choose the best end of lease cleaning Melbourne service. Our prices are affordable, services are top notch and technicians are skilled and licensed. With our services at your disposal, you can stop worrying about end of lease cleaning. Here’s why you should choose us in Melbourne:

    Expertise and Experience

    With years of experience in the industry, our team of dedicated professionals possesses the expertise to handle all aspects of end of lease cleaning efficiently. We understand the intricacies involved in ensuring that your property is returned in pristine condition.

    Tailored Solutions

    We recognize that every property is unique, and thus, we provide customised cleaning solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether it's a studio apartment or a large house, we have the flexibility to adapt our services accordingly.

    72 Hour Guarantee

    With our 72-hour guarantee, you can rest assured that your property will be sparkling clean and ready for inspection. If you or your landlord are not satisfied with the results, simply let us know within 72 hours, and we'll rectify any issues free of charge.

    Convenient Booking Options


    Booking with us is a breeze. Our online booking system allows you to schedule your cleaning at a time that suits you, without the hassle of endless phone calls or waiting for callbacks. Whether you need us tomorrow or next week, we've got you covered.

    Transparent Pricing


    We believe in being upfront with our clients, which is why we always provide upfront pricing at all times without any hidden fees. You can trust that the quote you receive accurately reflects the scope of work required, allowing you to budget confidently.

    Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


    Your satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that you are delighted with the results of our cleaning services. With a dedication to excellence and a commitment to customer-centric service, choosing us means choosing peace of mind during your end of lease transition.

    Now that you know what sets us apart in the cleaning industry, why wait? Give us a call today and make a hassle free booking with our expert cleaning team.

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    When to Book an End of Lease Cleaning

    We highly advise opting for our end of lease cleaning services when nearing the end of your lease and anticipating an inspection from your rental agent. These inspections are meticulously thorough, meaning End of Lease cleanings can be time-consuming, often surpassing initial expectations.

    Similarly, for those moving into a new residence and desiring a comprehensive cleaning, we strongly recommend our bond cleaning services.

    How to Book End of Lease Cleaning

    In order to book our end of lease cleaning services in a quick and hassle free manner, all you have to do is reach out to us on the contact number on our website. You can also fill out our online form to request a free quote according to your specific requirements.

    You can read up on the inclusions and exclusions of our end of lease cleaning Melbourne services on our website and make a booking accordingly.

    Inclusions in an End of Lease Cleaning

    Pest Control Melbourne

    Our end of lease cleaning usually consists of all inclusions required to make your apartment spotlessly clean before you move out. We pay attention to the corners, addressing baseboards, light fixtures, and even those cobwebs that might have eluded your notice. Our expertise extends to cleaning inside cabinets and drawers, ensuring they're not only clean but also free from any lingering odours.

    Flooring is another aspect we prioritise. Whether it's hardwood, carpet, or tile, we employ the right techniques and products to restore its original lustre, bidding farewell to any traces of your occupancy.

    We pay attention to every area of your space, be it the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or toilet. Every corner of your space is paid attention to, to make sure the cleaning is done with precision.

    Requirements for Furnished and Unfurnished End of Lease Cleaning

    If you have a furnished space that needs an end of lease cleaning, you must empty all the furniture and additional accessories before the professionals arrive. The charges or time for the cleaning process may vary if your home is fully furnished. Removing furniture and other accessories is a timetaking task, and we might have to charge extra for this purpose.

    Furnished properties often require extra attention to upholstery and furniture, while unfurnished spaces may need more focus on deep cleaning carpets and walls. Our team adapts to the specific needs of your rental, ensuring a pristine result. However, it’s best if the property is unfurnished.

    Pest Control Melbourne
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.What is end of lease cleaning?

    A. End of lease cleaning, also known as bond cleaning, is a thorough cleaning of a rental property before you move out. The purpose of end of lease cleaning is to ensure the property is returned in the same condition it was in at the beginning of the tenancy, meeting the landlord's expectations and potentially securing the return of the security deposit.

    Q. Why is end of lease cleaning important?

    A. End of lease cleaning is important because it helps tenants fulfil their obligations as per the lease agreement. It ensures the property is left in a clean and presentable condition for the next tenant or for inspection by the landlord. A well-done end of lease cleaning can also increase the likelihood of getting the security deposit back in full.

    Q. What areas of the property are typically included in end of lease cleaning?

    A. End of lease cleaning typically includes cleaning all areas of the property, including but not limited to:

    • Kitchen: Oven, stove, countertops, cabinets, sink, and floors.
    • Bathroom: Shower, bathtub, toilet, sink, tiles, and floors.
    • Bedrooms and living areas: Dusting, vacuuming, and mopping floors, cleaning windows, and wiping down surfaces.
    • Carpets: Vacuuming and steam cleaning if required.
    • Walls: Removing marks and stains where possible.
    • Outdoor areas: Sweeping patios, balconies, and removing cobwebs.

    Q. Do I need to hire a professional end of lease cleaning service?

    A. While it's not mandatory to hire a professional end of lease cleaning service, it is highly recommended. Professional cleaners have the experience, expertise, and equipment to ensure the property is cleaned to the highest standards, increasing the chances of getting your security deposit back.

    Q. How much does end of lease cleaning cost?

    A. The cost of the overall cleaning process can differ depending on factors such as the size of the property, its condition, and the specific cleaning requirements. It's best to contact us for a personalised quote based on your needs.

    Q. . How long does the end of lease cleaning take?

    A. The time required for end of lease cleaning depends on the size and condition of the property. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day to complete a thorough clean. We strive to work efficiently while maintaining the highest quality standards.

    Q. . Do I need to be present during the end of lease cleaning?

    A. It's not necessary for you to be present during the end of lease cleaning. Many tenants prefer to schedule the cleaning for a time when they are not at the property to avoid disruption to their schedule. However, if you choose to be present, you're welcome to supervise or provide any specific instructions.

    Q. What if I am not satisfied with the end of lease cleaning?

    A. If you or your landlord is not satisfied with the end of lease cleaning, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Simply contact us within a specified timeframe, and we will rectify any issues free of charge to ensure the property meets the required standards.